What’s Our SEO Experts’ Secret Weapon?

expert seo servicesIn the last three years alone, there has been an explosion in online marketing services. Today, companies of all sizes invest heavily in a mixture of digital marketing tools, like professional SEO consulting, local online marketing, mobile advertising, and other proven strategies for gaining leads in the digital age.

Amateur local SEO services will tell you that search engine marketing is all about blog networks, but expert SEO services know there’s a little more to it than that. Since 2014, the best SEO services have been built on a foundation of inbound links and quality content, but if you want to build up your company’s rankings, you’ll need an all of the above approach to online marketing.

Yet there’s one simple thing that sets apart the SEO amateurs from our expert SEO services: the best SEO services use a multimedia approach to online marketing.

What Does Multimedia Mean When It Comes To Search Engine Marketing?
Most online marketing companies will tell you that you need quality content on your website. There are a few reasons for this, but the main reason is simply this: because Google says so.

Earlier this year, Google finally published a comprehensive guide to their internal SEO ranking factors, and quality content is one of the most important metrics Google uses to rank websites. However, when most people talk about content marketing, they’re talking about blog posts and nothing more. But in the increasingly competitive digital landscape, a handful of blog posts isn’t enough to set your site apart.

That’s why a multimedia approach is key. In addition to well-written blog posts and web copy, multimedia content marketing can also include stellar web design, original artwork, infographics, video content, eBooks, and more.

Listen To Expert SEO Services: Multimedia Content Pays Off in More Ways Than One…
Not only is quality content important to Google, but it’s also the best way to build links to your website, another crucial ranking factor. For instance, short videos and infographics perform better on social media sites than a simple blog post. By incorporating original multimedia elements into your content marketing plan, you’re more likely to generate buzz on social media, build links to your content, and decrease your website’s bounce rate.

A 2013 study revealed that Facebook circulates as much as 21.25% of all the traffic to content-based websites. Quality content really is the best way to get a piece of that traffic. And while some companies have the resources to produce their own content, Forrester Research reports that 62% of companies outsource their content marketing campaigns.

There was a time when even the best SEO services did little more than churn out blog posts on a private blog network. Today, our online marketing agency has the tools to offer graphic design, video production, copywriting, and whatever else your company needs to kickstart your search engine marketing.

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