How To Make The Most Out Of Your Advertising Agency Partnership

Make-The-Most-Of-Your-Advertising-Agency-PartnershipAdvertising is an investment which in turn should provide a positive return on investment and increase your leads, clients, and sales. But the agency you hire isn’t a separate and independent service that autonomously increases your revenue without your help. Success in advertising requires a partnership, a relationship with back and forth communications and a strategic alliance where both parties play their respective parts.

Enhance your advertising agency partnership and investment, and ensure that it isn’t wasted by doing the following things:

Their success is dependent on you providing them with enough quantitative and qualitative information for them to guide you in developing a successful marketing strategy. Let them know what’s going on in your marketing currently and what you’ve done in the past – what’s been successful or unsuccessful in the past, what’s new, any sales or offers that are coming in the future, and so on.

If you can’t state your goals more clearly than “we need more customers”, you may as well be throwing darts at a board while blindfolded. Educate the agency on areas you need to improve on, and back that information up with past metrics. They may be creative geniuses, but they aren’t mind readers. In order to concentrate their efforts on growing or improving your weak areas in marketing, they have to know what they are. It’s also important that they understand what your revenues and budgets are on a larger scale than just your advertising budget. That gives them the ability to better advise you on pursuing or not pursuing certain marketing avenues based on cost, risk, and reward.

Monthly reports and analytics will be a huge help in providing the information your agency needs to get started, but they also help both of you stay on top of your progress and determine if your ship is heading in the right direction. Modern business requires robust data analytics to stay competitive. Staying on top of this and sharing the results regularly with your marketing agency is crucial for steering the direction of your marketing on an ongoing basis.

Follow Up
All the leads in the world are worthless if you don’t convert them. Investing in lead generation is a good first step to increased sales, but it’s only one step. Those leads must be converted, and every one of them – converted or not – have to become part of your ongoing sales funnel for future opportunities. Otherwise, as soon as the ad ends, so do the leads and/or sales. Your investment should create an ongoing string of opportunities that you can cultivate and build on, or you’re wasting money.

Your agency may or may not be managing every aspect of your advertising. If you handle your social media in-house, for example, there should be crossover efforts on your part to share the marketing they’re doing with the channels you handle yourself. If they’re handling TV advertising for you, share those commercials on Facebook. Marketing campaigns should always cover every channel you use comprehensively to get the most out of it, whether your marketing agency is directly involved in those channels or not.

Make the most of your advertising agency partnership by doing these simple things to enhance the efforts and protect your investment.

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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Advertising Agency Partnership