Three Reasons Why Blogs Are Important

online marketing services There’s bad news, and there’s good news. The bad news is that no one is really sure how to get on the first page of Google, but the good news is that search engine optimization (SEO) companies have some pretty good ideas.

One of the most important tools these SEO marketing services use — believe it or not — is blogging. Though it seems too simple to work, it’s actually quite effective. Here’s how.

The More Blogs Written, the More Pages Google Can Index. 
Studies show that companies that blog have 434% more indexed pages than companies that don’t blog. The more blogs you have written, the more pages there are for Google’s crawlers to index. The more pages there are for Google to index, the more likely your site is to turn up when someone does a search. It’s literally that simple.

Google Has More or Less Told Online Marketing Services That Blogs Are Important. 
Every year, Google comes out with new Hummingbird updates, which help ensure that their search results don’t offer spammy content. Consequentially, these updates have led to what many an online marketing agency call “online audience optimization” or OAO. This is basically optimizing content with user intent in mind, as opposed to optimizing content simply to get a better rank on Google, as some local online marketing services do. Now, the reason this means that blogs are important is because it shows that Google cares about them. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t bother trying to regulate and maintain them.

They’re Key Drivers of Site Traffic.
Last, but most importantly, online marketing services know that blogs play a key part in driving traffic to a website. Potential customers who are still in the earlier stages of the purchasing process — who are still doing research on a product or service — aren’t going to come to a website ready to buy. They’re not even sure if they want it yet. They go to blogs to learn more, and then meet the call to action, and take the next step in the purchasing process. Basically, blogs are what get consumers on the hook. More to the point, they’re what turn up in Google, and what online marketing services use as Facebook posts, which drove 21.25% of all traffic sites received in March 2013. Blogs are often the reasons why many potential clients come to a website.

There’s a reason why online marketing services use blogs to help sites rank better on Google. It’s because they work.

If you’re not sure how to blog, don’t worry — online marketing services do. It’s why the vast majority of companies (62% according to a Forrester survey) prefer to outsource their blogging to online marketing services, letting them handle it.

If you’d like to learn more about how online marketing services can use blogs to help your site, feel free to ask in the comments.

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