Perks of Mobile Marketing

In a previous article we went over the problems with traditional digital advertising and the general bonuses of mobile marketing, but let‘s examine the other ways in which Agency850 puts you ahead of the competition in the advertising world. The following is a concise list of benefits of all of the other ways in which we here at Agency850 provide and an overview as to why they are so effective.

1. Mobile Websites
As stated in a previous article more and more internet traffic is being done via mobile devices so just having a net presence on traditional machines is no longer an option. Having a mobile friendly website is crucial so don’t think for a minute that just because you do have a PC optimized website it will translate well to a mobile device; most likely it will not. Sites which are not mobile optimized often require the user to constantly play around with the dimensions of the screen in order to read text, interact with features and click on links. Having a mobile site solves all of these problems and gives your users a better experience. Plus mobile sites also allow your users to have constant access to 2D barcodes which will give you an additional angle to promote whatever it is you are selling.

2. Graphic design
Ever since the advent of generations raised in a post VH1 and MTV world the need to grab an audiences attention instantly in crucial to successful ad. While television ads used to be up to a minute long sixty years ago most ads in any media have gone to being between thirty to ten seconds long. Even for still advertisements’ like posters and internet banners this is impotent as you must be able to grab a potential consumers attention instantly and hold them onto them long enough to give them an opportunity to consider your product; this is where the importance of graphic design comes in. Having a solid and engaging logo, brand, or symbol for your product or company will do all of this in about half second it takes for the human mind to perceive and process an image still or in a video.

3. Video production
As stated in the previous section above the length of ads has gone down drastically as has the attention span of most consumers. As such the ability to not only grab but hold a consumers attention is just as vital. Video’s have the capacity to do as this as they provide more stimulus to entertain the consumer with as they can provide moving images as well as sound. Being able to effectively advertise this way on the net is important as well considering net ads are statistically more likely to have an impact on viewers than television ads.

4. Search-engine Optimization
Even if you have a mobile optimized site which looks great that doesn’t mean it will have great traffic. The reason being that in today’s world unless a consumer goes exactly where they know they want to for a product or service they’re going to use a search engine like Google or Bing! first. For this reason your site must be search-engine optimized to get the best results and the highest search engine rankings possible. Only the most anal retentive consumers are going to trawl through several pages of Google results until they know that they’ve found exactly the site they are looking for, so having an SEO fresh site is a great boon we provide.

5. Social Network Management
At this point nearly everyone has a facebook,. linkdin, twitter, tumblr, myspace, wordpress blog, youtube channel, dailybooth, instagram account or a combination of all of these. And these aren’t for just young people either; studies demonstrate that facebook has users of all ages and linkdin has a higher proportion of older adults. In fact nearly half to over eighty percent of all of people in various demographics use some kind of social network. Being able to network and advertise within and between these different social media is another vital way to promote your product. Much like mobile marketing as a whole social network platforms are expected increase as a dominate form of advertising in the coming years and is yet another way Agency850 keeps you ahead of the competition.

In other articles we’ll look at the specifics of why these strategies work well and in extreme detail.

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