Four Facts That Will Convince You Local Online Marketing Works

local online marketingIt’s the question on every small business owner’s mind, but the one that’s too awkward to ask: Can local online marketing services really help my business grow? Do they work?

The short answer is a resounding “yes,” but that’s probably not enough to convince you to work with a local online marketing agency, though. What will convince you, however, is the facts.

Nowadays, Most People Go Online on Their Phones.
Today, most people are using mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets, to go online. In fact, consumers spend about 60% of their online time on their mobile devices, instead of on laptops and PCs, which amounts to about two hours per day. Mobile device usage has become so dominant that about one in four online searches are being conducted via mobile devices. What’s more, four out of five consumers user their smartphones to shop. This means that if someone goes on your website to buy a product or service, there’s a good chance that they’re using a mobile device.

Many Mobile Users Are High Value Prospects…
If someone does a search for a product or service on their mobile device, it usually means that they have a more pressing need for it than the average consumer — it typically indicates that they’re out and about looking for that product or service right when they search. After all, about 70% of mobile searches lead directly to online action within just one hour.

… But They’re Easily Scared Away.
Consequentially, your website has one chance to convince and convert that mobile user, and if your website hasn’t been optimized for mobile devices, they’re probably not going to take their business to you. Companies who have mobile optimized websites triple their chances of converting mobile leads into sales, while companies whose sites aren’t optimized for mobile users wind up losing their leads. About 40% of consumers will leave a website and go to a competitor’s if the first site was slow.

This Is Where Local Online Marketing Companies Come In.
A local online marketing company has the ability to optimize your website for these high-value, mobile users. They can retool and reconfigure websites to provide mobile users with the best experience possible. This means that local online marketing can not only get more users to your mobile site, but get them to purchase products or services through it, too.

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