Insurance Wars

Someone has to stand up for the Little Guy

Insurance Wars is a new hit reality show that follows Bo Williamson, a Public Adjuster and his team, who fight insurance claims for the homeowner. For years Insurance companies have been telling people that they are there to help and protect them during an insurance claim. The truth is these companies are not in business to lose money, and some of them pay homeowners as little as possible or even out right deny the claim. That has now come to an end when Bo and his team stepped into town. Located in the beautiful Panhandle of Florida insurance claims are at an all-time high. In every episode Bo exposes the lies of some of these insurance companies and gets the homeowner back what they are owed. In the mists of the drama and sometimes hostile moments between Bo and the insurance carriers, one thing is for certain, the home owner will end up with a lot bigger check at the end of each show and the insurance carrier will be exposed for what they really are, corrupt. Welcome to Insurance Wars.

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