If You’re in These Industries, You Need to Invest in SEO Services

expert SEO servicesIn an increasingly competitive national SEO market, local SEO is becoming more important for small businesses. Because this form of SEO relies on geographically-specific keywords, relevance in a local setting, and a narrow target audience, business owners are able to spend less money to reach their desired customer base.

With the power of local reviews and publications, as well as a specific target audience, every business can benefit from the use of expert SEO services. However, for these five industries, local SEO services are a major key to success.

Restaurants and Bars
Restaurants and bars are service based, which means that they rely heavily on the positive power of reviews. Luckily, local SEO and online marketing services thrive on reviews. Not only that, but restaurants and bars tend to compete on a solely local level unless they’ve expanded into a national chain. Local restaurants and bars also have the advantage of local, regular customers who can help spread the word and write reviews.

Doctors and Lawyers
Doctors and lawyers tend to have a few shared qualities that make their decision to buy SEO services pretty simple. First, like restaurants and bars, these services are usually tailored to a specific, local community. Second, the quality of their service is incredibly important to customers, which means they need all of the quality content they can get. And finally, they’re in relatively high demand at all times. The two main pillars of the best SEO services — quality content and inbound links — are going to benefit these kinds of services endlessly.

Skilled Tradesmen
Expert SEO services are absolutely essential for local services like plumbers, locksmiths, and other specialized trades. In the world of SEO, these kinds of services have an advantage because they rarely leave a specific community. Not only that, but most of these services are called when help is immediately needed. This means that the 55% of American adults who own smartphones are going to be performing a lot of panicked mobile searches. So the closer a trade business is to the top of the page, the better.

Repair shops
Like skilled trade services, repair shops are going to benefit greatly from SEO expert services, and specifically mobile-driven searches. If someone’s car breaks down, they need a repair shop right away, and since 46% of consumers say they’re less likely to shop around if they find a company’s mobile site, a repair shop page should be as close to the top of the search results as possible.

Expert SEO services can help any number of businesses in the world, but local businesses like the ones described above can benefit the most. In a world that is relying increasingly on mobile search results, it’s important for small businesses to invest in their online and mobile presence.

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