Three Statistics You Can Use to Convince Your Superiors to Increase Spending on Mobile Advertising

mobile phone advertising The tide of Internet usage has turned. What was once an emerging, innovative, new way to access the web has now become the primary way people are surfing the Internet. As of January 2014, consumers spent nearly 60% of their time online on their mobile devices, as opposed to desktops or laptops — the first time that ever happened. What’s more, one in four online searches are now done on mobile devices.

Consequentially, this means that mobile phone advertising is much, much more effective than when it first began. With so many more Internet users relying on mobile devices, mobile advertising agencies can reach an increasingly larger audience, resulting in more leads and sales.

Despite these facts, many marketers often have a hard time convincing their superiors that they need to hire mobile advertising companies. Budget management is the elephant in the room in many cases, and many superiors don’t even want to think about re-allocating resources from one “proven” successful marketing tactic and investing them in mobile advertising services.

The best way to convince these miserly bosses, though, is to show them the facts — give them hard proof that mobile phone advertising not only works, but will grow in value. Here are a few statistics to help you do just that.

Spending on Mobile Phone Advertising Will Keep Growing For Years.
In 2012, spending on mobile phone advertising was just $8.76 billion, but by 2018, companies will spend $94.91 billion on mobile advertising networks’ services. Such a dramatic increase is proof that mobile phone advertising provides a return on investment.

Mobile Searches Result in Immediate Action.
About 70% of all mobile searches will lead to direct action on a website in just one hour. This means that mobile users are more likely to take immediate action, making them a higher value audience to target.

Consumers Are Less Likely to Comparison Shop When Searching on Mobile Devices.
Roughly 46% of consumers say that they’re less likely to compare prices when they’re shopping on their mobile devices. This means that if you can put your company’s product or service in front of that consumer first, he or she is less likely to look at competitors.

Mobile phone advertising is effective, and will continue to be effective for the foreseeable future. Though you may know it’s a no brainer, your superiors might need a little convincing. Use these mobile phone advertising statistics to help convince them otherwise.

If you have any questions about mobile phone advertising, feel free to ask in the comments.

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