Why Is Social Media Such an Important Part of a Mobile Marketing Strategy?

online marketing servicesWith one in four online searches being conducted on mobile devices, mobile strategies are some of the most important things local online marketing services have to offer. Without a mobile optimized site, or an app, companies will lose out on a huge opportunity to gain web traffic, and consequently paying consumers.

What many don’t realize about mobile strategies, though, is that social media marketing is also one of the most important parts of the online strategies offered by online marketing companies. Here are just a few pieces of proof.

Social Media Has Immense SEO Benefits
If your online marketing company doesn’t understand the SEO benefits of social media, it’s time to find another online marketing agency. Two of the main pillars of modern SEO best practices are quality content and inbound links, both of which social media provide a platform for. This is likely part of the reason why in March 2013 Facebook drove a whopping 21.25% of all traffic received by sites.

Social Media Is Highly Influential
Any and all online marketing services worth their weight understand the ways in which social media can influence consumers. In fact, nearly half (46%) of social media users look towards their Twitter, Facebook, or other network of choice when making a purchase. Online marketing services can help their clients become industry authorities — the go-to sources in their perspective sectors — with strong social media strategies.

Social Media Fosters Growth
Not only can online marketing services use social media to establish industry authority for their clients, they can also use it to help them grow, which is perhaps the most important reason to even use a social media strategy. In fact, three out of five small to medium sized business have reported using social media to gain new customers, and eight out of 10 have used it to drive growth.

Online marketing services should understand the value social media has for their clients, but if you don’t, feel free to share whatever questions you may have in the comments.

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