3 Ways Social Media Marketing is Powerful for Any Small Business

online marketing agencyYou don’t need an online marketing agency to tell you that in today’s world of technology everyone is attached to their mobile devices. The average American will spend about two hours per day looking down at their mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. In fact, as of 2014 more Americans now use their smartphones and tablets rather than desktop computers to access the Internet.

Besides the fact that apps can bring users hours of enjoyment playing games, it can bring millions of people together from across the globe through social media. But these new digital tools can also be used to connect customers with your business. When used correctly, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can all be used as powerful tools to boost a small company’s brand and bring customers through your doors.

Here are three ways social media can be a powerhouse of connection for your small business.

1. Builds brand identity

Advertising your business through social media has a number of advantages over print ads. If you post something especially unique, it has the power to be liked and shared to numerous potential customers, thereby building a large consumer base. And unlike traditional print ads, you can use a couple of performance indicators to tell whether your posts are successful:

Reach: This measures how many people saw your post.

Mentions: How many times a customer has tagged your profile and made your information public.

Follower growth: This is especially helpful in that it helps you figure out what actions are bringing people to your page. For example, if you post about a promotion that brings a significant amount of new people to your page, you can use this information to your advantage in future online marketing campaigns.

2. Everything is connected

When you connect your different social media accounts, it will help to increase traffic to your website. The more clicks the better! But once the consumer gets to your page you should do everything you can to make it readable and interesting. This means having an online marketing agency invest in quality, responsive web design, creating an interesting and relevant blog, using SEO consulting to your advantage, and making sure your website is connected to local business directories.

3. Build a community

Consider the fact that Facebook drove 21.25% of all the traffic sites received in 2013. Simply building a social media account might now create a network of brand fanatics and repeat customers overnight. However, engaging with your customers will let them know you care about their business, which will bring them back for more!

All in all, social media marketing can be an incredible tool for any small business. Contact an online marketing agency today to get started.

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