3 Reasons You Should Already Be Using Mobile Advertising

online marketing servicesIf your current online marketing company doesn’t offer mobile advertising services, it’s time to find a new agency. Here’s why.

Mobile Is How Americans Are Searching
If you want more exposure for your brand, you need to put it where people can see it, which would be through mobile searches. Since January of 2014, more Americans have used their smartphones or tablets to access the Internet than their personal computers. Now, Americans are spending about two hours a day on their mobile devices, which is why one in four online searches are conducted through mobile devices.

It Sells Products
Perhaps the biggest reason why online marketing services have got to offer mobile advertising strategies is because it gets products sold. According to a study by iAcquire, nearly three out of four mobile searches (70%) lead to direct action on a website within just one hour of when the search was done. In other words, mobile users are highly motivated to purchase a product or service, making them a high value target audience that needs to be reached.

It Controls Consumer Behavior
Mobile platforms can control consumer behavior, which can give you that slight edge you may need to overcome your competitors. Consider what comScore recently found. Nearly half (46%) of shoppers say that they’re less likely to shop around for other options when they’re using a brand’s mobile app. In other words, if your company has an app, your leads aren’t going to see if your competitors are offering potentially better deals, thus increasing the likelihood that they’ll become customers.

Mobile phone advertising is one of the most important services online marketing companies can offer. If you have any questions about how online marketing services can use mobile advertising to grow your business, feel free to share in the comments.

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